Chandeliers in bedrooms

Chandeliers in bedrooms, should you or shouldn't you? - Heavenly Chandeliers

Chandeliers in bedrooms, should you or shouldn't you?

We often hear many questions about whether a bedroom is a suitable place for a chandelier and our view is yes.  However, we still need to consider its size, position and whether it provides us with enough or the right kind of light for our needs.

Chandeliers can bring a wonderfully sophisticated and romantic element to any room and most of all the bedroom.  Unlike task or direct lighting, chandeliers will cast a warm ambient light into a room and nowadays there are so many styles available catering for all tastes from classic crystal chandeliers to something more modern, perhaps industrial, or contemporary.  There are so many options available to choose from.

This crystal chandelier from Kolarz's Maria Louise collection is a fine example of how chandeliers can bring elegance to your bedroom.  

So, where should you hang your chandelier?  In a bedroom you have choice, your light will look amazing in the centre of the ceiling, over the centre of your bed or smaller fittings also look wonderful each side of the bed, but always bear in mind where and how much light you need.

How to choose the right lighting for your bedroom

We start and end every day in the bedroom - a place to retreat, relax and gain energy for the coming day. When choosing light for the bedroom, you need to think about the different situations that require a calming ambience or a good and practical light.

Ceiling light for bedroom

When choosing a ceiling light for the bedroom, we recommend a practical light in the way of a chandelier or pendant light that can illuminate the entire room when it is dark outside. A good, practical light is very helpful when getting dressed. Try choosing a dimmable light so that you also have a nice, dimmed light when getting up to visit the bathroom at night.

Wall and table lamps for the bedroom

Wall and table lamps are also good choices for the bedroom. A good, directional reading light will not disturb the other person sleeping next to you. Therefore, we recommend a wall or table lamp with a flexible head that can be adjusted to fit your needs. If you have a small bedside table, a wall lamp frees up space for your other necessities.

Dim light for nights and mornings

Is your wardrobe in the bedroom? Then a dimmer can help you switch between relaxed night lighting and functional lighting for picking out clothes in the morning.

Of course, these are our thoughts and we would welcome your comments and any experiences you would like to share.



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