Plant-based lighting with a good cause

Very closely aligned with It's About RoMi, Good&MoJo set out in the 2010s to become the first fully plant-based lighting range that does some good.  Providing pendant lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights from sustainable materials such as Bamboo.


Who are they?

Good&MoJo see themselves as small giants. Or small elephants. A small herd with long limbs and few trumps to get the job done.


What do they believe in?

It's never too late to do some good. One set of small actions can create great change!



In the mid 2010's, Good&MoJo went on an exploration of sustainable suppliers to launch the first GOOD&MOJO collection.​

They harnessed a small, reliable net of suppliers in South East Asia.  Thanks to this, they can source the materials used for our lights from plants abundantly available in their region. They work closely with our suppliers and the communities:

The vast majority of Good&MoJo lighting is handmade by crafts people in small, local communities in Vietnam.  During their harvest season, production is low, so they have to take this into account with production schedules.  By purchasing their handwoven goods, we - you and us - support the local craftsmanship and their communities. 


Seven years later.....

8.250 families helped and 150.000 trees planted later, they remain motivated and inspired to help people & planet whilst keeping our customers happy. 

Read more about Good&MoJo and the great work they do here