Nordic and Scandi Lighting designs

Latest Nordics Design Lights

A group of lighting fixtures and designs influenced by the Nordic style is called the Nordic Range. Nordic designs are renowned for their minimalist and nature-inspired features. The following are some of the essential characteristics related to Nordic Range lighting: 

1. Geometric shapes: Nordic range lights may include shapes like spheres, cylinders and cones in their designs to give a visual appearance that adds beauty to your space. 

2. Warm and cosy lighting: DEspite its basic designs, Nordic Range can produce a cosy, warm environment, giving a soft light texture to the surroundings.

3. Neutral colours: Whites, greys, and soft earthy tones are the most popular choices for the neutral colour style used in Nordic design. These colours convey a sense of peace and spaciousness. 

4. Natural materials: Wood is a common material used in Nordic Range Lighting. Natural wood finishes on lighting fixtures can add warmth.

The beauty of Nordic Range Lighting is timeless and adaptable, and it has gained worldwide popularity. It is installed in homes and interior design projects to make areas aesthetically beautiful. 

Steps to choose Nordic Lighting: 

When choosing Nordic lighting, it's important to consider several things to make sure they match your preferences and the requirements of your room. Here are the steps to choose Nordic lighting:

1. Determine your purpose: Determine the lighting fixture's function. Firstly, know the purpose for which you are going to buy. What kind of lighting do you need- ambient, task or accent? 

2. Material choice: Wood, metal and glass are natural materials used in Nordic design. To provide warmth to your area, select fixtures that include these materials.

3. Select colour: Choose neutral colours, including white, grey, beige and soft earth tones. These colours produce a quiet and soothing effect in your living space. 

4. Analyze the design: Pay close attention to the shape of the design. Simple geometric designs are a common style of Nordic lighting fixtures. Select the design as per the space and interior of your home.

5. Size: make sure the fixture's size is proper for the room. To avoid choosing the wrong lighting fixtures, measure the space where you want to install the light. 

6. Location for installation: Choose where the lighting will be installed and ensure an appropriate power source is nearby. 

The Charm of Nordic Range: 

Anywhere you install Nordic lights, they look good. You only need to check the components. They are made of organic materials like wood or paper to produce a beautiful effect. Nordic Range lights can be decorated for any purpose as per your requirements. If you want to add a natural touch to your yard or other house areas, a large selection of Nordic-inspired wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps are available at Heavenly. If you have yet to fall in love with these lights, our collection will make it easy to do so while buying them.